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안녕하세요, 저는 신래 입니다

Hi, I'm Shin Rae!

This space is to share with you my love for Korean culture, language, and of course KOREAN BOYS!

I will be posting pictures of my fave boys, couples, and girls. If you want to see someone on this blog feel free to send me a request and I shall fulfill it, the only requirement: it has to be Korean.

I have a love and respect that are deeper than the Atlantic Ocean for:
Lee Min-ho - 이민호
Kim Joon - 김형준
Kim Bum - 김상범
Sung Joon - 성준
Jung Il-Woo - 정일우

Hey guys!
I’ve been postponing this announcement but it’s about time I do it. So here goes:

1. I just started dead weak (the week before finals) and every hour of the day should be spent studying.
2. Next week I have finals.
3. I pinched a nerve and my back muscles spasmed and I’m in a lot of pain as of now.

Due to all of the things mentioned above I can’t be here updating the blog. However, in two weeks I’ll be back in full force. The review of YWCFTS will be up in two weeks, so catch up with the drama before I spoil it for you.

Thank you for your support and kind messages! I hope you can understand why I have to be absent for the time being.

Much love to all of you