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Hi, I'm Shin Rae!

This space is to share with you my love for Korean culture, language, and of course KOREAN BOYS!

I will be posting pictures of my fave boys, couples, and girls. If you want to see someone on this blog feel free to send me a request and I shall fulfill it, the only requirement: it has to be Korean.

I have a love and respect that are deeper than the Atlantic Ocean for:
Lee Min-ho - 이민호
Kim Joon - 김형준
Kim Bum - 김상범
Sung Joon - 성준
Jung Il-Woo - 정일우

Anonymous: Hi, About the ABC adaption of You Who Came From the Stars- I personally am worried that ABC will ruin it, but I'm also hopeful. Unlike the Boys Over Flower USA adaption, I'm sure ABC will have a better choice of actors and better funding. Also the villian- he is just a fabulous actor. You said he had "evil in his veins" so I can obviously tell you didn't see him in Trot Lovers. I MEAN HE WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN THAT! I mean the drama wasn't the best but his acting...wow so different & cute. 

Yes, it’s a 50/50 thing. I have high hopes that they’ll do a good job since they are working with the creator and one of the Korean producers. But I still worry…if they sexualize it not only will they be adding sex but they would have to change a few things to make that work out with the story line (remember him getting sick if he came in contact with human fluids). I guess I really don’t want them to strip the drama of its innocence.

And yeah, I know the actor is great. I remember him from Finding Mr. Destiny, and I didn’t mean he was evil IRL, I meant that he had evil in his veins as an actor. Not every actor can pull off looking so damn evil…just remember the glare in his eyes! It won’t be easy to find someone who can personify evil so naturally lol

And the last comment I want to make is…the names James and Lark are not of my liking lol

How do you guys feel about ABC doing a remake of My Love from Another Star? honestly, I cringed when I read the names, Lark and James. Part of me is really worried they’ll ruin it…what I’m sure about is that ABC will have a hard time trying to even come close to finding leads with a powerful chemistry. I also doubt anyone will ever look as frightening as the villain from My Love, seriously that actor has evil running through his veins or something because wow…anyways, I’m deeply terrified of what they’ll do. The only thing I really ask of them is: PLEASE DO NOT SEXUALIZE IT!! I don’t wanna even think of one of my fave dramas turned into some sort of sexual powerhouse. How do you guys feel about it?



For those that don’t know, Ladies’ Code Go Eunbi/”EunB”, has passed away from a major car accident today.

Keep in your prayers/thoughts/chants everyone who was involved in the accident as well as their friends and family.